[Update: Another reader showed me a screen capture of Marriott Rewards Customer Rep in Mandarin saying existing Spg Gold from Amex will also get Plat Status. Who do you trust, VP or customer rep, I choose the Marriott VP😊]

It has been quite exciting two days following the Marriott’s announcement on Monday.

For any readers come to my humble site, I am sure you have read a bunch of posts at this point, and I will just get to the point.

A few hours ago, I posted an article on my Chinese site and received two readers comments about how I got something important wrong. Then, through my chat groups, I realized many people had the similar misunderstanding.

For anyone who matched their Marriott gold through SPG Gold, through Credit Cards benefits or spending or by qualifying SPG Gold, e.g. American Express Platinum cards or SPG Amex Platinum card:

You will not get the New Marriott Platinum status coming in August.

The Points Guy interviewed the VP of the Marriott today and the video is as follows:

You can watch for yourself, and it is about at 10 minutes point.

What do you think?