JW Marriott

Recently, I had two layovers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for one night in each city. After comparing using cash and points, I spent my precious Marriott/SPG points at JW Marriott Hong Kong and JW Marriott Bao’an. (45,000 or USD 600 Vs. 10,000 or USD 300).

The comparison may not be relevant, but I would like to upload the photos I took from both properties and say two points:

  1. After a long day of travel and meeting friends, the most rewarding thing was a nice hot shower at the JW Marriott Hong Kong. After the shower, I found a dirty towel with a long hair it. After tweeting about it, I got a standard email from the Front Office Manager, Ben. Considering I paid 4.5x more points, which was a bad value, I should have stayed at the Renaissance Harbour Hong Kong, which was a newer property.
  2. The lounge breakfast at JW Marriott Hong Kong was day and night compare to the JW Marriott Bao’an, so I kept my stomach empty and had lunch at Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounge The Wing.

1. Room comparison

a. JW Marriott Hong Kong




b. JW Marriott Bao’An





2. The hair I found at JW Marriott Hong Kong



3. Breakfast at JW Marriott Bao’an Executive Lounge







Unless you have millions of Marriott points, I would strongly suggest not to stay at JW Marriott Hong Kong, either by points or cash. There are many other options in Hong Kong for a better value. It is probably the worst value hotel I have stayed so far.

On contrary, it was my second or third stay at JW Marriott Bao’an, and I will stay there again whenever I have a quick layover night in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. It is simply amazing and beautiful!