This review will focus on the Qantas business lounge at Sydney domestic terminal because a costly(or not expensive) mistake I made during the booking the award flight. I used about 15K Avios to redeem this trip and was hoping to try out the new Qantas Business Class which look like this: (photo credit goes to


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As the result, I got this: (I did not even take a proper photo to show, so this photo’s credit goes to

One lesson learned: never book your flight while on a treadmill because you will make mistakes. It seems that only specific flights operating on SYD-MEL route fly with the new QF business class product on their Airbus 330-200 aircraft. The flight itself has nothing wrong about, and I am disappointed that I did not book the right flight to experience the new Business product.

Well, life is tough. #firstworldproblem

So the trip between Sydney and Melbourne was pretty short, and there is not much to talk about, besides the usuals. The most exciting part of this two short flights was the business lounge I had a chance to visit in Sydney and Melbourne. While Melbourne lounge has nothing special to talk about, and I did not spend much time in there ( total time was about a gentlemen’s restroom trip, and the room was clean and functioning ).

In comparison, I got some job done at Sydney Qantas Business Class lounge. It is the first time for me to visit a one world business class lounge. While I am looking forward to visiting the Wing, the Pier and much more shortly, QF lounge is one of the most magnificent ones I have ever been to, even better than the Turkish Airline’s Istanbul lounge! I guess it is due to personal preferences and very subjective. I also really liked the New Zealand’s lounge at Sydney International Terminal, which has a similar decoration style.

First of all the lounge was enormous, and it gives the visitor an affluent feeling. You can have unlimited Ferrero Rocher chocolates and sparkling wine, along with the rich selection of food and alcohol. I wonder when North American carrier can increase their standards and try to be at least a little bit closer to their rival Australia career. Now when I go to a maple leaf lounge or United club, I would just feel that I am in a third-world country or something.

I am looking forward to coming back and would love to try a few more Qantas Lounge both in Australia and in the United States in the future!


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